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Unturned Lets Play- Good Start Bad Ending- Ep 1

hey guys welcome to a brand-new let's play on a brand new channel I'm really excited because I've been wanting to play this game since I watched a little let's play on it so I just like went on Steam got it and now I'm going to do let's play I'm a brand new channel it's going pretty cool here we go I'm gonna play single player because I don't want to get killed a bunch of times by a bunch of people because people like really mean about everything in this game just like kill you automatically okay stark out I'm scared I don't want to die it's a town over that house shows you I swear if I run into any zombies i'm gonna get so mad so I hate sinking zombies zombies are the worst thing in the world what's a beautiful moon sami ah told you i can madam ji I'm just kidding oh crap um I want a tight spot here maybe I can find him I'm gonna get that car oh my gosh I mean car is Robert oh my god so many stinking zombies so yeah this is like brand new channel I could just like I got so I like I've had a channel before except I just really didn't keep up with it and so I'm just going to start it over I don't you remember my old sign in right bold youtube but uh what's this i'm old ii kereta they all but um yeah what's it oh my god I'm good oh my gosh I just like though that it's the luckiest saying i will ever run into in this game probably i want to go to the bed let's go to bed perfect I don't want apple juice I don't need apple juice I born survivor I don't need it I do you need this baseball bat I don't want waste all my ammo killing a bunch of zombies no juice box that car seems to be working I'm gonna head over to that car run run run run run run come on come on join get in the car get in the car go go that's what you kid I die die come on died style I ask you this I'm getting out of here us we got her awesome Oh God like are you running out of gas zombies what is that up there Oh another car oh my god and sticking runs too I think Safety's on die I love clothes I was really close okay oops here we go oh ok drop the flashlight I don't really need flashlights cuz i can actually see quite well over here so you want to take that you're going to fight the shotgun shell salsa and a school bag oh my gosh oh oh my god we are so set for life in the stinking game please bettin what's all that's a something oh my god I killed a Mexican way you know that's on Mexican civilian bullets ooh i think that's like four um pistols and stuff okay drop the candy bar for a second so I can just get this school leg then I'll get break grab that up again there we go now I got a lot of space now yeah Chuck we're here we come on surrey off huh okay um what's this drag show you guys a bandage flashlight juice box don't already have a live reaction wait no oh wait that's not a shotgun I just picked up for whatever that's finished um and probably reload this though nope wait no I have to grab that I think I don't think I grabbed this today no I tied it oh that stinks I'm just gonna quit the librarian for now chamber and stuff never mind oh yeah this is awesome looking the vaccine with this stuff this place is full of stuff I'm take that police baton also safety pins I'm gonna like getting your movies I'm getting this car that sucks yes get me down oh crap good all right I'm gonna die I'm gonna die oh my god oh well uh I'm gonna just like um done with the video for today uh well this was actually a pretty good start to the game except I died which but at least I know I can I'm pretty good at this game so far so uh welcome to the Luna channel um hope to see you guys next time on the next episode of I'm turned uh so see you guys later bye

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