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unboxing gery pasta D’Guardian – bermain game D’Guardian Gery AR – little princess shinta

Hi all meet again with me, shinta Today I will open gery pasta This gery pasta have guardian card which we can play in tablet or handphone Now, we can open it Guys, here it is the contents. Wow, I don’t patient to try that one by one Guys, what is it? Wow, this is a card This is additional collection card Ok, we take here Now, we openthe second of gery pasta’s box We open the instruction book How to play How to play virtual card 1. Download the app in google play. Search gery AR 2. Turn on the app and point the camera to AR card 3. Character 3d will show up and ready to fight That’s so fabulous Before we play card, I eat one first I take one gery pasta cut it. That’s so delicious the taste of chocolate gery pasta Guys I've finished eating gery pasta Now we will play with guardian AR card I have clean the table first We open the wrap of tha card Now, the card have arranged neatly, I want to choose 2 cards to play I choose dav and the other one I choose Lixia I take the tablet, the card is take here First I turn on the tab Now, we download guardian app First, I choose play store Search gery AR then click install Click accept Now, we have finish.

We open the app and ready to play Lixia is win We try another card Ok guys, its finished. Are you enjoy with the game? If you wanna try at home, you have bought gery pasta so you can get the card Ok guys, see you!.

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