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SVALBARD Photo Adventure – part 2 | remote solo camping and wildlife photography behind the scenes

Look at this look at this. It has been snowing during the night and I had my D 850 outside making a time lapse before it started snowing. I brought two power banks for charging batteries and I have this…
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Another Bad Weather Winter Solo Wild Camp – Naturehike Cloud Up 2

Bonjorno YouTube Trev here Summit or Nothing Out for a winter solo, wild camp on Dartmoor Annual Christmas wild camp in the wind and the rain all forecast tonight. So I’m back in the Belstone area, thought I’d come and…
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3 day solo camping in POLAR BEAR LAND | Svalbard photo adventure part 1

here I am On a nice little island here in Svalbard (Norway) Dear friend Martin He brought me here Look at all of my equipment I have given myself some Because I had the boat To help me bring with…
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