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Flying with Climbing and Camping Gear

hey everybody Patrick Kensal with adventure travel buzz dot-com and today I figured I would take a couple minutes since I'm going to Joshua Tree California next week to go over what I take with me on a climbing trip…
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How to Choose Backpacking Sleeping Pads || REI

  for the sake of both comfort and warmth sleeping pads are crucial to getting a good night’s rest in the backcountry but how do you know which ones right for you let’s talk about how to choose backpacking sleeping…
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Iron Roamer Camping Equipment

hey there it's Brian iron Romer dot-com and today I'm going to be talking about my motorcycle camping gear first of all I want to talk to you about my Big Agnes tent to fly Creek one so it is…
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Snugpak Scorpion 2 Tent Winter Camping

hey guys welcome to living survival so the ten spent set up for a couple days now and we've gotten about probably about three or four more inches of snow and it's dipping down into the teens tonight so I…
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