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unboxing gery pasta D’Guardian – bermain game D’Guardian Gery AR – little princess shinta

Hi all meet again with me, shinta Today I will open gery pasta This gery pasta have guardian card which we can play in tablet or handphone Now, we can open it Guys, here it is the contents. Wow, I…
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Camping Gear – PART II – Tent & Etc | Acampamento Parte II – Barraca e Etc Cicloturismo

what's up guys hi guys welcome back to the third chapter of this video series from our here and bicycles the bicycle travel Department in form there is no rule about traveling by bicycle you carry your cohort and whatever…
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Camp Gear – Survival and Navigation (Napisy PL) Sprzęt Obozowy, Survival i Nawigacja

and now for the gear guys I'm sure you're gonna want me to tell you what I've brought with me so this is my Kelty yukon 48 48 stands for 48 leaders but I'm sure I packed much more than…
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MSR ELIXIR 2-PERSON BACKPACKING TENT First Impressions Review|Highest quality affordable tent ever?!

[Music] hello our dear friends this video we are willing to share with you our new purchase of the new tent as you may know from our previous video where we reviewed our Quechua tent we're in search for a…
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Camping Gear Review Sven Folding Saw

hi youtube this is wingman and today we're going to be doing a video of your review on this then folding hand saw i purchased this probably about a month and a half ago two months ago and this is…
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Motorcycle Camping Gear – what you really need? – poor audio

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BlackWolf Mega Deluxe Double Self-Inflating Mattress – Features, Specs, How to Roll & Review

[Music] how about utilities that I'd like to talk to you about black holes negative like subletting double deckers wonderful mattress 5.5 are them warm coldest nights so hundred ninety eight centimeters as well 1.25 meters wide and seven meters…
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Wild Country Zephyros 1 Tent –

alright and welcome simply hiked Decatur UK today were taking a look at the wild country Zephyrus 1/10 it's very much based on the same design at the Terra Nova competition 1 however they very much modified it for backpackers…
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Portable Chemical Camping Toilet Crash Course – Flush Systems, Accessories, and Cleaners!

g'day temple viewers this is dion from the furniture gallery store now today we'll be talking to you about chemical toilets the toilets themselves and also the chemicals that go in them we'll be having a look at four toilets…
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Camping Gear – Coleman – 424 Dual Fuel Stove Review.

hello friends welcome to telecare and this review of the Coleman dual fuel stove just a little quick update i opened a facebook account so you guys can follow me on that now so now you can follow me on…
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