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unboxing gery pasta D’Guardian – bermain game D’Guardian Gery AR – little princess shinta

Hi all meet again with me, shinta Today I will open gery pasta This gery pasta have guardian card which we can play in tablet or handphone Now, we can open it Guys, here it is the contents. Wow, I…
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belajar berenang di kolam renang bersama mamah – Learn Swimming for Kids

Come on come on swim lol Hi guys meet again with me shinta Today I will learn to swim joined by my mom Yes, now I want to teach shinta to swim Behind us, there is swimming pool for adults…
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mainan bayi lucu usia 5-12 bulan-baby playgym-baby gear

Baby fitness frame Hi Shanti bought a new toy today, Let's open it and see how Shanti reacts? She seems to like this toy very much. Okay, let's open it now. This kind of phone looks like a toy, this…
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unboxing mainan anak squishy haul dari – Squishy Collection Package #1

Hi meet again with me shinta and my sister Today we will unboxing toys from Here is many squishy. There are apple, the shape is cute. The strawberry cake is so perfumed, burger squishy, hallowen pumpkin squishy, random 12…
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Koleksi video little princess shinta waktu masih Tk umur 5 tahun.

I am playing cook dishes and rainbow from candle. Now I making chicken nugged shaped moon Hi Today is my holiday, because national day and now I playing with candle toys Hello Today, I want go to my friend s…
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