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Flying with Climbing and Camping Gear

hey everybody Patrick Kensal with adventure travel buzz dot-com and today I figured I would take a couple minutes since I'm going to Joshua Tree California next week to go over what I take with me on a climbing trip…
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Essential Backpacking, Camping Equipment & Items

here first is the tent inside we've got the camping pad definitely an essential if you don't like sleeping straight on the ground this is actually a sleeping bag I just found out here and then threw it threw it…
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Blacksmith Camping Supplies Australian Made Clear Top Drawer Bag – Small

– This is the blacksmith Camping supplies. Small clear top draw bag. It's more than just your average draw bag. I'm gonna tell you all about it. Let's check it out. – Hit it (introduction music) – Hey guys. Ben…
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Bivouac Camping/Survival Gear Load-Out Series Pt 2/5: Shelter and Sleeping Gear

sup everybody is known rock for part two of my bivouac your loadout series this part is going to cover shelter and sleeping gear thought I'd cover this is one of the first areas because it's one the broader subjects…
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