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Flying with Climbing and Camping Gear

hey everybody Patrick Kensal with adventure travel buzz dot-com and today I figured I would take a couple minutes since I'm going to Joshua Tree California next week to go over what I take with me on a climbing trip…
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EXPLODING WATERMELON CHALLENGE! – Petik Buah Semangka Langsung dari Kebun

Oh, there is the big one The small one is so cute Oh there is Wow, shanti wants to see What is that, is that the fruit Look shan, there is the small one Its name is the watermelon Now…
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REI Co-op Gear Guide: Best Camping Lanterns

What’s up everyone I’m Miranda I’m ho tech and, this is another episode of the REI gear guys we’re out here in. The rainy Pacific Northwest to talk about the best lanterns that you can find at REI this year,…
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What It Feels Like to Sleep on the Side of a Mountain

– [Narrator] What's the highest you've ever slept at? – [Mark] Almost a mile. When you don't have a fear of heights, it's not really scary. It's like being in the craziest tree house that you could possibly imagine. –…
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Kompresorová lednice VS Termoelektrický box | TOP Vánoční dárek | Test recenze Magira Arctic DF36 C

Hi, welcome to the next episode of the OFF TOUR Garage OK, this isn't actually a Garage, but it probably doesn't matter. Today we will talk about how to have a cold beer on the trip. Watch until the end.…
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Essential Backpacking, Camping Equipment & Items

here first is the tent inside we've got the camping pad definitely an essential if you don't like sleeping straight on the ground this is actually a sleeping bag I just found out here and then threw it threw it…
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Camping Gear Review Sven Folding Saw

hi youtube this is wingman and today we're going to be doing a video of your review on this then folding hand saw i purchased this probably about a month and a half ago two months ago and this is…
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Inside One of the Coolest Custom Camping Trailers We’ve Seen | Outside

hi my name is John Emma Rosso and this is a trailer I built for camping I have my oven it has a grill on top I can basically cook everything you can do in your house on it and…
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Motorcycle Camping Gear – what you really need? – poor audio

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