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SVALBARD Photo Adventure – part 2 | remote solo camping and wildlife photography behind the scenes

Look at this look at this. It has been snowing during the night and I had my D 850 outside making a time lapse before it started snowing. I brought two power banks for charging batteries and I have this external power bank for powering up the D 850. So for the D 850: it’s, fine. I have enough batteries for the rest of today, The other batteries I charged last night. So I have enough for another full day maybe, a little more But – there’s really thick heavy clouds and, even with my big – solar charger it’s not easy, to charge, anything in, this weather, and I’m using a. Lot of power. I’m using power for the laptop I’m using power for the batteries I’m, using it for the microphone I’m, using it for emptying the cards onto the computer. I’m using it for my safety equipment. Like my In Reach, I’m using it for my phone that controls the panhead the panhead on the time lapses. So I really really hope that it will clear up during the day or at least a little tomorrow. So I can get everything recharged. Everything is still working. I’m just feeling that I’m a little challenged about the battery thing. I haven’t even got my morning coffee, I’ve been out looking at the time lapse, checking the bear alarm, seeing if I could see any tracks emptying the time lapses from yesterday onto the computer, but now it is time for coffee. First cup of coffee awesome, It has been pouring down outside it.’s. Still raining a little bit. I got all the equipment ready, but now I have taken it in again because everything just gets soaked. I’m really eager to get out because I have seen a reindeer out there and I have seen on my walk yesterday, the little fox, but it was around five hundred meters away and just escaped So yeah. There are some birds out there, some shorebirds and them just want to get out of photograph them. It’s a little frustrating to sit here in Svalbard in the little tent when it’s so nice outside, and it’s raining and raining and raining. I hope it will stop a little bit so that I can get out and photograph without everything getting totally soaked. I’m a little afraid because I’ve had some rain damage with some of my equipment and it is too early on this trip to get more of that, so I am sparing it So. I’m spending the time eating my late lunch recharging. Some more batteries, the phone, the In Reach again and having a cup of coffee, Then I hope the rain will stop It.’s still very cloudy, but it has stopped raining and I hope to be able to just get a little bit of power to my batteries and my other stuff. So what I’ve done now is I’ve put the big solar panel here. This is one of the good things about having them a little too large, because even on a cloudy day, they will produce something – and I think now they are getting around two two and a half watt to each power bank and hopefully that’s enough to Fill them so they can charge one, maybe two batteries this evening. At least it’s better than nothing. Now I just need to get the tent a little better set up so that if it starts to be windy, it’ll be fine. When I’m gone After that, it’s time to go out with the camera. Finally, the weather is dry again and hopefully we can get some photos of the reindeer that is walking over there somewhere. Look what I found on my trip yesterday from the reindeer Here in Svalbard if they’re on a? What do you say on a skull? You’re not allowed to take them, but when they’re like this, I can bring them So now. I just need to figure out if they will fit into my backpack when I’m going home. Are they not nice? Look at this? They’re not from the same reindeer, but they really must have been a big deer. Look Yeah going home on my wall, So I just tried to get the drone up, but it started raining immediately. So I thought now. I want to focus on the most important thing. While I still have some good light and no wind and everything is beautiful, I want to see if I can find that reindeer that I saw yesterday. I saw it in the hills not far from the camp. It has been raining all day, but look at this now it is beautiful. If I can find that fellow it would be awesome. He didn’t. Look that shy. I was just out on a walk and he just looked at me and walked around eating. So hopefully, If I’m not finding him or if I find him and photograph him and want to move on, there are a lot of terns or something and gulls flying around down there in huge numbers, and it could be fun to go down. And actually I see if I can get anything there. Let me see if I can find that deer. It seems like it.’s left the island which is not possible. It must be here somewhere Somewhere. Let’s go and check it out. So I’ve seen the deer, the reindeer It’s sitting in the hills over there far away. Looking at me. Actually Let me show you a picture There. It is From this distance. The background is really nice. With these snow covered mountains, Let’s see what happens if we can get a little bit closer. The good thing about the reindeer here in Svalbard is that they are not shy At least most of the time. I think they are not shy. I’m. Definitely not an expert on wildlife up here. I have photographed here so little But yeah let’s see if that one is willing to stay a little bit. When I get closer, I got him up here and he’s hiding behind the hills, but he’s not afraid of me at all, Not shy like the red deer back in Denmark, where we have to sneak around and wear 3d camouflage. This guy is totally confident I don’t know why I’ll see if I can move position, because I’m really badly placed here. This is different than it used to be Here. It’s me moving away from the deer. I just walked around ten metres away from him. Why did I only bring the 600 millimeter There?’s, some birds down there, It’s so nice with the reindeer. He’s eating He’s eating and then sometimes he looks up at me. He doesn’t care. If I talk. Apparently, He just looks up, though, What a beautiful reindeer Imagine being stuck out on this island. He’s just here and he has to wait until the ice before he can get back. I don’t think he swim that far. That was nice. Now he’s just walking away down there Actually towards my photo bag. What’s going to happen? I don’t follow him. Now he’s apparently going away, and I don’t want to just follow in his tracks. Now he can have some peace and I’ll go home to the camp, maybe go down to the shore and see if I can photographs any birds and then yeah. I think I’ll call it an evening and get ready for tomorrow. That was nice.

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