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Ep. 184: How to Receive Packages While Traveling | RV camping travel mail

Hey friends, welcome back to Grand Adventure! I'm 
your host Marc Guido, and this week we're going   to tackle a very simple subject, but one that 
a lot of RV travelers need to know, and that is   how to receive packages while you're 
on the road traveling. So stay tuned! Now oftentimes you're going to need to get 
something delivered that you can't find locally,   especially if you're in a rural area. That's 
something that we've encountered on numerous   occasions as we've been traveling for up to six 
months a year the past few years, and we'll do   so even more now that we're full-time RVers.

actually very simple to get stuff delivered to you   while you're traveling if you know the procedures 
and know the different methods of delivery.   Now the way that you're going to get stuff 
delivered depends on who the shipper is,   and what method they are using for the shipping, 
and we're going to start off with Amazon because   let's face it: you can you can get just 
about anything you possibly need with Amazon.   And if you happen to have an Amazon Prime 
membership you also get free expedited shipping.   One really easy way to receive stuff is via 
an Amazon Locker or an Amazon Hub Counter.   The Amazon Lockers are really simple, you simply 
specify in the delivery address at the time that   you're placing the order (the address of the 
amazon locker that you wish to pick it up from),   obviously calculating in your travel time.

a destination that's ahead of you down the road,   and when you receive your order 
confirmation that it's been delivered   you simply go to the locker and enter your six 
digit code, open pops the door, and inside the   door is your package ready for retrieval. The nice 
thing about Amazon Lockers and Hub Counters is   that if you for some reason get delayed or if you 
get rerouted, if you don't pick it up within three   days it automatically gets returned to Amazon 
free of charge and your Amazon account refunded.   Amazon Lockers work very similarly to Amazon Hub 

The difference is an Amazon Hub Counter   is where you'll be working with a 
human being to retrieve your package,   be it in a local pharmacy — a small town pharmacy 
— or a local store. You just walk in, you provide   them with your delivery confirmation, and they 
hand you your package. Either way it works   the same. Now if you're in a really rural area 
it's distinctly possible that an Amazon Locker   or an Amazon Hub Counter, neither of those 
will be available to you. If that's the case   you need to follow the procedures that we're 
about to explain for packages that are coming   from shippers other than Amazon, and that all 
depends on what transport company they use.   There are two big ones and you know them both: 
one is UPS, and one is the Postal Service. Let's   first talk about UPS. You can use UPS Access 
Points, which are often UPSStores but might also   be in retail establishments like a CVS Pharmacy or 
something like that, that work exactly the same as   an Amazon Hub Counter. They will hold your package 
for you until you arrive in the area to pick it up   with proper identification and your confirmation 

The other huge shipper of course is the US   Postal Service, and if you're using the Postal 
Service it's a lot easier to receive packages   at any post office than you might think. All you 
need to do is go on to the Postal Service website,   either on a PC or with a mobile device, and 
search for a post office in the area in which   you're going to be traveling. Scroll down to where 
it says "available services" — you must see there   "General Delivery." If it doesn't list general 
delivery, pick a different post office,   but if it does scroll back up, make note of the 
zip code, and addressing a package is this simple   it is your name, General Delivery, city/state 
and zip code.

And the zip +4 extension is 9999.   So in my case, for example, would be Marc Guido, 
General Delivery, Draper, Utah 84020-9999.   What will happen then is the post office will hold 
your package when it arrives at the destination   post office, and hold it for you to retrieve 
at the counter with proper identification.   Now, what if your parcel is not coming from 
Amazon, it's coming from some other vendor and you   don't know yet how they're going to ship it? You 
don't know if it's coming UPS or Postal Service,   and you're kind of in the in the dark as to how 
they're going to ship. One easy solution for that,   that we've used successfully is to contact a local 
pack and ship store.

Check with them see if they   will receive your package and hold it for you. 
Most pack and ship stores that we've talked to   are willing to do that either for free, or for a 
nominal fee of a couple of bucks, and they will   just hold your package until you get in the area 
and you can stop by and retrieve it in person. Now one more option you have for your bag 
of tricks to receive packages on the road   is ship-to-store. Many large national 
retailers including Home Depot and Walmart,   they offer free ship-to-store services for many 
items that they don't carry in their stores.   Many folks may not realize it, but 
is actually the nation's second largest online   retailer, and their third-party sellers have many 
hard-to-find products that you won't find on the   shelf at any Walmart. Yet you can still retrieve 
it via free ship-to-store at any Walmart location,   and there are of course Walmart stores across 
the country in many, many rural towns. Now   we know this has been a short episode, 
but it's an important subject to tackle   and something for you to know when it 
comes time that you need in an emergency   some sort of package to receive 
while you're out there traveling.   If you found this information useful please be 
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