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DIY 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL 2 Door Sleeping and Storage Platform

everyone pretty much people price today I'm going to tell you about how I built Mississippi nine storage platform my 2018 Jeep Wrangler Jael this will only work with no hardtop version or if the top is often of your something inside construction into three parts this was mostly because you can't fit a singular piece into the hardtop when it's on I wanted this to be if you have a left to the right and then the hatch panel which is a movable piece with a kickstand to keep it open when you need access inside you'll see that you still have full access to the your factory floor storage and old storage on the side it's essentially a two by four construction wall the way that I did this was u-bolts attached to the seat connections and hand tight wingnut connections there's cross bracing up above for the two panels and to attach the hinges to for the hatch guides I still need to do a panel here so when the tops off there's no access to reach in or have any security issues with the sides I left seatbelts on everything is just sort of covered when you have the freedom top off I made a system of these little loop latches onto your hard top basically just with some sort of rope or connection I cigs AG across to the other side and panel number one down wrap it in a blanket and then put the other one on top of it across they'll hold it down and it seems to have held through off-roading and general Road rapini that's sort of how I deal with the freedom top when the tops on the other factor I planned into this is security for when you have the top off in the summer the lip of the hatch does not go any shorter than the door so you can't actually open this or access anything underneath this platform while the Jeep is closed even with the top off lucky inside the Jeep I'll show you how the sleeping fibers are using the top lever to move the seat all the way I've made the sleeping platform fold down that uses the entirety of footboard you can see I had to cut around all the pieces at the bottom to make sure that I had full clearance the way that that works is there's a bump here you need to clear as well as that'll be helpful as you can see when it's up your feet can fit there so it goes all the way to the bottom this curve clears this piece and then when you flip it up it just clears the seat when it's up there is a bar that I have installed along the side wall that comes out supports that as you can see it should be able to hold quite a bit of weight kickstand is installed underneath I don't have a system yet to catch that but we'll talk about that later so when in here you pivot around it is essentially six feet from corner to corner I'm 510 and you have just about the right amount of room to sort of have whatever amount of movement you need as long as you're not much taller than me as you can see the door would be right about here so your feet if you sleep on your back your heels will extend off of the platform also you can use the kickstand in the back to flip it up call this lounge mode you can Instagram read a book whatever you need to do next I'm going to show you launch mode 2.0 or as I like to call it the lazy boy you don't have a lot of space in here to sit up as we covered if you bring this up and bring your kickstand down you have a v-sit here with support if you slide it in use the front seat as your back again I'm 510 this is about the top of the limit you could change the kickstand to sit farther away or higher up however you need this is sort of you're sitting up comfortable way in the Jeep without having to sit in seems another feature built into this system is a front wall so everything's secure but if you are inside the vehicle and the hatches down everything's closed you have no access to anything below there is a lock and key portal here built a removable panel you can set that inside the G full access to everything behind the driver can reach through grab water bottles or anything if you're in top off mode in the summer but still need reachable storage so that is how I was able to build a sleeping and storage platform for a two-door I had problems finding anything online that really laid out how to do this without taking out the passenger seat I support people who want to do that but I still want to be able to take a passenger some of the notes is I will post my drawings and photos of the system as I built it essentially I built a 2×4 wall first the front panel second the two halves and then a pulse train it was really difficult I used marine grade upholstery which is waterproof which is awesome for the summer and with the top off however it is super hard to work with I might consider reupholstery at next summer the idea for me with this system is that I can take it in and out in about 15 minutes seasonally so I should have it in probably nine months a year but there might be some time and either way it's great storage and always a good crash pad a few probably not your long-term sleeping arrangement so I get why people take out the passenger seat but for me this is what I needed I hope this helps you figure it out as well

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