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Blacksmith Camping Supplies Australian Made Canvas Power Cord Bag

this is the blacksmith camping and power cord bag a tough-as-nails a clear zippered top bag for the storage of power cords or just about any camping gear I want to tell you all about it let's check it out Ventura snow is here folks with a product from blacksmith camping supplies now there are a small team of people who set out to make really tough storage bags for camping gear this is the power cord bag so I guess designed to put your power cord in it's around so you can you sort of coil your cord inside the bag but till there's clear top so you can see whatever you've got stored in there so you can use it for any of you can't be here really now weighs about 275 grams 38 centimeters in diameter and about 16 centimeters in Heights know the canvas that blacksmith uses a 370 GSM 10 ounce Australian canvasses dinah proof is rot proof is UV resistance it's made to last the PVC on the top is a point five millimeter PVC now this is designed or the same PVC they use for outdoor blind so it's designed for continual exposure to to the outdoor weather so it's going to last you a lifetime on top of this bag the zipper that they use is a stamped plastic zip and at least perform pretty well even if they do tend to get a bit of dust and dirt in them they still operate nice and smooth and there's actually two zipper pulls on the top here so you can unzip it either way if you like and the whole thing is put together with a coarse spun poly cotton thread so they've even gone down smack each other use high quality thread to put it all together the side features to handle there's just a handle on one side there so it's easy to pull in and out of your vehicle now the canvases are being such a durable or stiff canvas means when you've got it open it actually sits a reasonably upright which makes packing it nice and easily so this is not quite up quite like you would but that's a 20 meter cable goes in there with plenty of room around the outside there at the moment so these are an excellent addition to your camping a forward driver or caravan storage setup they're gonna last you a lifetime with those four cables or any of your camping or outdoor requirements you can store them in here they're not made to be the cheapest but they're made to be the toughest you can grandma line at snowy's com2 i you you know the video subscribe to our channel send you all the latest greatest information got any questions let us know down in the comments below or check out some of our other videos like this one down here [Music]

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