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Backpacking & wild camping gear I carry in my Osprey Levity 45 pack

good morning campers how are you? this is
my big garden camp out and I thought that good chance to show you my gear for
backpacking and wild camping and also this is what I was going to take on the
Cape Wrath Trail as well until obviously that got canceled so anyway let's get
stuck right in okay so you can see here I've got the six moons Lunar Solo in
which air as my summer 10 because I've got a boat in mejni and when I don't
need imaginary I would revert back to my MLG toaster my rock sack yes
Osprey Levity 45 it's feeling like wait it's safe think I don't get
hundred-odd I have two dislikes about it it doesn't have any hip pockets they've
obviously stripped a note save weight and I feel yes
could have been elastic here it's a bit restrictive that pouch once it starts to
fill the mold or spurs have always been elastic kid so this is my sleep system
and first things first as my sleeping bag this is a cumulus auto 8 350 I've
had this coming up from Maine years now you can see the others a couple he reps
there some fears I've escaped but on the whole it's done deployed like I said
I've had this for nine years I made a play set at some point in a bit
of a quote Michael you see here this is the helium pellet which is out of
Decathlon it's not the latest pillows ever but it's one of the most
comfortable Clayborne it carries that little bit
extra weight for more comfort and underneath I've got my sleeping pad this
is the exped synmat in medium again a I got this for my
Christmas just last year it's I've only used it two three times I think but it's
really comfortable and he's honeycomb pattern design Leah actually does worker
stops you slating off although it's something somewhere underneath his Ville
on the whole I really like this it's got a good r-value
so can do some of the Meldrum boy donates and also comes with the
schnozzle bag what you use for obviously pump it up so you don't get your breath
and save it and causing mold in the long run that's it for you when you're
deflating your experiment it's got this little toggle and what this does is just
popped out and say the valve and it lets all the air escape when you're rolling
up and my help cloud base has also got something somewhere and that just lets
the other skipping you're the one up is my cooking setup so phosphorous fossil
we all touch on the pot this is the up kit mate a 650 I've been using this for
a real note as you can tell we all the marks on it like this pot it's really
good no complaints about that they may sound equivalent was just a bit too
expensive I've gone for the speed stuff stove a windshield and port stand it's
got the little legs and say there I asked Gary who makes these to actually
cut this in half so it fits and save my pork because these are usually but
taller so have lost I mean maybe a little bit of efficiency for the bottom
there this is my local store we use nothing I carry around a hundred ml of
bioethanol with me and dogs take a bigger bottle for bigger trips this is
just a little measuring cup that I got from mouthwash and just to make sure I
don't overuse my fuel I usually just put in 20 mils something you'll get really
15 mole depending how much water you boil this is the sea2summit
alpha 8 spoon i've also got the fork amazed to go over this but i tend to
find the only do i need to spin for porridge and my fleece gΓͺmeos this is my
Primus later but this for years as you can see all the lacquers came off that
used to be read as reliable or later this here is a cascade way old
camping table is 65 grams it's just mixer deference for cooking a silver
foil they are to stop something he couldn't it and then you go that unless
you install of us I don't think you could find a much later self than that this is my hydration setup I've got our
rinsed oak cook ball this is just for click to war on the go
there's usually plate near water on the hills so I don't you carry too much
anyone taint so that's enough when I reach camp I'll throw up my platter
purse that holds two liters of water and just in case I can't find any fresh
water also at the Sawyer's and many filter is real here is my Elex
so I've got the little government in each mini this is a satellite
communicator it's also got the ACE waste by I'm not gonna go to too much detail
but basically it's a subscription service it's 25 pound a year then 15
pound a month as well so as a reboot place it but it does give you and your
loved ones but a piece of Maine I've got three Bolton
messages that I can send to my partner yep I've got that's me up and ready to
go I'm stopping here for the night I'm
checking and everything's okay so I can send that just no because I've got an
active subscription at the moment that little idle a scene that Sinden and the
initial stop standing there I don't just know I've got a little
boost because something's hitting me this has actually got a nice little
saying that comes out of it and it's good just for there listening to
podcasts all about music this here is my 10,000 milliamp anchor charger and it
comes with cables we all this just charges may fall and go through and all
bits and bobs these are brilliant and they cost about twenty things I've got a
bigger one as well for bigger trips away this here is the fourth class head torch
from the Katherine it's not the brace she'll ever get but the same team is
bright enough so it's more than adequate for walking and setting up camp okey so
this is my miscellaneous other stuff so I've got my little pooch oval for
budding my cute I've got peel of sunglasses here's just a little mixed
bag of hygiene I've got hand sanitizer toothbrush toothpaste and I've got some
solution this is my first aid kit but just essentials some plasters a bandage
etc I've got a voiceover that clip onto my rock sack map and compass and I've
got a set back and they'll be used to take a set that with me we'll have it
wheeled camping but the hand it have to obviously set on you can also use
something new on to keep your knees dry and you can even stuck on between your
knees for when you're sleeping at night if you wake up with sore knees that can
prevent that as well and these items go in a lot of stuffs at right so long the cloves that I carry
with me and my pack first things first we've got the
mountain cousin gloves I take these around other than the coldest of winter
days they do me really well they'll blow it back up me a smoke this is the one
team prism hat that's a rub my cool long johns spare
pair of scans here I've got my belt kit basically for sleeping in or for smoking
over let's be a bit of salt and salt cleaners that I sleep in with the long
johns I've got a stuff sack for all them for going as real this is my mental
equipment super flux filler with stone jacket just bought that recently really
like it was – 1 – 0 degrees and my Pentlands world camp – three weeks ago
of a windchill a very minus 7 and this really also fostered vacations really
good jacket waterproofs I've got the matin cup mint firefight pack late for
this for a few years now it's been really good up until now no complaints
whatsoever old stuff sack and may what proof
the bear Gus plaque weights gore-tex as well and that comes with its own little
stuff sack as well again throwing it for them for a few years now they touch
would have been brilliant alright guys that's me ready to go got six and a half
kilograms on the back and I've got my Black Diamond chicken pox if you've got
any questions about my gear or you've got any suggestions how can you shed
some weight and my pack please let me know in the comment section below if
you've enjoyed this fun please give me a thumbs up if you haven't already please
do subscribe as well it really does help small channels could all otherwise I'm
ready to go see in the next one you

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