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15 New Outdoor Gadgets and Cool Gear for all Seasons

Today we're looking at some really great outdoors tools and equipment that can help improve your life An experience when camping, hiking or even being in the water. If you are looking to wash your clothes in the wilderness or take a stroll Get what you need here. I'm Glenn and today we're going to show you 15 outdoor gadgets and gear for all seasons. To receive a notification when a new video is posted, tap the bell icon directly below next to Subscribe button.

Thank you for watching Minds Eye Design! Number fifteen If you thought you loved diving before, you'll love it even more with Powerbreather. The innovative tube helps you breathe more comfortably while swimming. The Powerbreather's two-channel breathing system provides you with fresh air at all times. The valve system ensures that there is no water entering. The Powerbreather makes swimming fun, easy, and accessible from all over the world. Number fourteen Creating a travel bag that is able to respond to all of your travel needs is what inspires Create Backpack Items Owly Packs.

Owly packages let you build the perfect backpack with a range of compartments and accessories. An excellent accessory is the tent hammock, which fits into the lower room of your backpack. Allowing you to plan and enjoy the great outdoors. This packaging is waterproof and has high quality zippers, built-in water bottle, three Secret compartments, and mobile phone holder. Number thirteen SnowFeet is a combination of snow skis and snow skis! They connect directly to your existing snow boots and let you go down the hills as you ski. SnowFeet, made of extremely strong fiberglass material, has metal skate edges on the side Them for a quick stop. There are stub brakes for deceleration, and adaptive fasteners that let you attach it Pretty much any shoe. Mostly like sleds for ski slopes, SnowFeet is handy because you won't have it Getting around giant skis or on ice is impractical.

Number twelve The smallest individual emergency and satellite beacon in the world, hero, no subscriptions Or fees. The Champion has a large SOS button located on the front of the unit. This button makes it easy to instantly trigger a signal problem wherever you are working Everywhere, even when smartphones don't. Indoor Impact or Fall Sensor, Freshwater and Fires Seawater Sensor if the Hero is submerged For more than one minute. Champion gives you 49 seconds to delete the automatic trigger. Number eleven Therapik is a small, compact, handheld, battery-powered device that relieves pain and itching Insect bites and insect stings with direct heat. It works with mosquitoes and fire ants and most of it stings or bites insects. It also works on pets and can be used for children over 3 years of age under supervision Adult.

I'm Allie, Minds Eye Trivia time. Just looking at these pictures, do you know what this is and where it is? Leave the correct answer or best guess in the comments section below. Number ten Offers great careers for travelers and outdoor adventurers, the ghost scuba The packaging provides a great way to wash clothes while camping or on hiking trails. The lightweight ghost package combines the laundry bag from the distinctive inner washing scrapie With new features to enable innovative functions. You only need to add water, cleaning agent and clothes in the bag. Then you empty the bag and rub it from the outside. Finally, wash your clothes and hang them dry. You can pack smaller, keep your equipment dry, and wash clothes anywhere. number nine The Kingii is a portable tool that attaches to your wrist just like a wrist strap. Pulling a simple lever turns it into a floating device that works like an airbag In your car. These are great when surfing or swimming and can help save lives in the water. Kingii uses a replaceable CO2 cartridge to inflate very quickly.

If you get stuck in the water, Kingii also has a hand whistle to call for help. Number eight You can reduce the risk of skin damage and be notified when you are about to have a sunburn With Qsun wearable tracker. It monitors your vitamin D levels and UV exposure while giving you personalized advice and recommendations. QSun's advanced AI analyzes sunlight exposure in real time using a pooling algorithm Your skin type, current exposure to the sun, and environmental situation. Number seven FoldEat is a package bearing to unfold become a full-size dining mat. The mat is units made to hold your food, bottles, and even fits your cutlery if it is necessary. This space-saving insulated mat includes two unique containers, one box for the main container One cycle with your fluid screw cap.

There is also an adjustable strap, magnetic cutlery holder, buckle closure, and a phone Owner. Number six Initially intended for backpacking, MyPod opens pops up in a jiffy to keep you warm and dry. When finished, each pod is folded into its own case compactor or together in a larger PodCarryCase You can carry it easily. You can also line up two or four pods at a time, and you never have to step in Rain, sleet wind, or cold wind. I'm Allie, Minds Eye Trivia time. Just looking at these pictures, do you know what this is and where it is? Leave the correct answer or best guess in the comments section below. Number five CarPCer GPCA is a simple utility tool that adapts to your needs. Made of durable, sturdy metal that has some of the features most used for the adventurer You may need. Balancing utility and portability means lots of choice between tools To get everything properly. This carabiner comes with a Phillips flat screwdriver, bottle opener, square cutter, And pry tool.

number four The Splash Runner by PoolCandy is a motorized chaise longue that will revolutionize the road You can relax and play by the pool! Drive around the water with a powerful twin-engined motor that activates at the touch of a button. Splash Runner provides excellent maneuverability in the water. Fully enclosed behind a grid guard safety, the fans run great in the lake Or in a pool. Number three BioLite CampStove 2 turns fire into electricity using its patented combustion technology. This fireplace creates a whirlpool of smokeless flame for a portable campfire, charge your equipment, And cook meals at the same time. You can burn wood scraps, sticks, or pellets to power the fan and send electricity to USB charging port. The extra energy is stored in an internal battery. The indoor fan returns air into the combustion chamber, greatly improving the combustion And create a cleaner and more efficient burning. Number two A radical new skateboard, Traqpod has all the advantages of an oversized skateboard: Safety, stability and rigidity. But when space is a problem, you can immediately fold the trucks underneath to place them In your trunk, backpack, or your own carry.

Traqpod comes in three different color options that offer an increased range of materials and Finishes to suit your preferences and style. number one Created in Venice Beach, California, Slide the handmade paintings were first designed after fasting Food tray. These are a miniature surfboard that connects your hand to surfing. Slyde Grom is an excellent fun board that will transform your body A session in the time of your life. There are a total of four models to choose from beginners through to beginners Professionals.

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